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If you are looking at this page, you are ready to see if you have figured out the story. 

To review briefly... 

The father and his daughter went to call a tow truck.

At first, they hear an unearthly noise…it turns out to be the wind.

Second they meet an otherworldly person, who turns out to be a real person.  She just looks different according to the market clerk.

After calling the tow truck, the two head back to the car. The dad noticed something that scares him. He rushes, no pulls the daughter back to the car.

The wife also sees the ghostly figure and tells the father. This seems to scare the father even more. What was it that made him so apprehensive?

WELL, here we go!

As he walked on the wall, he happened to look down. He notices the tracks in the snow.  Remember they had followed that weird person’s directions, ”Follow my footsteps in the snow” So there would be 3 sets of footsteps in the snow. 

He saw only two sets of tracks, his and his daughter’s.

This set of only two sets of footsteps continued all the way back to the meeting place with the eerie looking being.  All along the way, only the father and daughter’s footsteps in the snow show up.

The father and daughter arrived to be told this hooded figure circled the car and walked up the hill.  Again, there were NO footsteps around the car. NO footsteps track going across the road and up the hill.

According to knowledgeable ghost hunters, tracks made by a ghost can disappear within minutes of being made.

HMMM? A ghost, a ghost story.

Well I hope you enjoyed the story.

I hope you got it figured out. Remember a ghost story is a problem to be solved just like a math problem.

Look out for yourself, you cannot be too careful!!

Jim Flanagan   jirish@ohiohills.com