Positive Tales that
Teach, Tickle and Motivate

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Connections with the Ohio Academic Content Standards

Language Arts
Reading Applications
Sharpen Listening Skills
Storyteller will demonstration context and presentation of ideas in an organized way.
      Good oral presentations
Figurative speech
    Descriptive vocabulary
Adjust volume and stress important words
How to set up suspense and humor
Storyteller will provide time for the students to summarize the story
Allow students to see how people are much alike

Writing Process

    Storyteller will talk about pre-writing of a story; discuss revising and editing both in the oral and written presentations of a story


    How to set up good starter sentences and use description to enhance interest in the story.
    If they wish, someone else will want to read their stories and understand the story

Reading Comprehension

    Using the stories, students will see how to identify the main idea,
    See how ideas connect, Predict outcomes, Draw conclusions and make inferences.

    Students will adequately follow the story and figure out what is coming.

Literacy Applications 

    Analyze plot, setting
    Identify the theme, major ideas and cause and effect
    Appreciation of other stories
    Be able to respond to the stories

    Student will get a feel for good stories and character development

Critical Thinking

    Be able to formulate open-ended questions
    Develop a critical look at the aspects of the problem
    Critique the characters and their actions
    Brainstorm possible alternative actions   
    Using critical thinking skills come up with a better plan

    Student will able to look at a situation and generate some ideas to resolve it
    and using this generalize to other situations.

STORYTELLING and HOW IT ADDRESSES the Ohio Academic Content Standards Benchmark
for K-12 English Language Arts/Social Studies